Corpo Jumble 2019

5th edition of T10 Sports Corpo Jumble

The registration for the Corpo Jumble 2019- If name of your company is not in drop down window then you have to register your company for the event. For this, you need to simply reply mentioning your Company Name and that you would like to participate in the event, at Once your company is added in drop down window, you may do the registrations as per guidelines mentioned in description.

5th edition of T10 Sports Corpo Jumble- an-inter corporate running championship is here.
Just to inform all those who are still not aware about the event or its format & concept.
This running event is not for general public but only for companies. If you want to participate in this event, you would be representing your company.
In past four editions Ericsson India won the the T10 Sports Corpo Jumble Championship twice (2016 & 2018), Adidas (2015) & Cadence Software (2017) won it once. The field is wide open with more number of companies participating and bringing in large contingents.

T10 Sports Corpo Jumble starts in:

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